Superior Bassworks Standard Upright Double Bass Strings Blood Red

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Brand: Superior Bassworks
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Perfect strings for Rockabilly, Bluegrass, Psychobilly,
  Country/Western, and more!

• Fits most 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, and 4/4 scale basses.

• 6 string options included in every pack.
  .170, .155, .130, .105, .095, .080 (sizes in inches)

• 100% "synthetic gut" – nylon/kevlar construction to
  simulate the tone and feel of natural gut strings.

• Please read the full item description below for even
  more information about this product.

Superior Bassworks nylon double bass strings are the original 6 string “bump” assortment set (6 total strings of various gauge. See photos.) available to the public for 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 size double bass. The idea is that some players prefer thinner, lower tension strings while others prefer thicker, higher tension stings. Why not offer a wide array of thickness and tension all in one package of strings? This is exactly what we do!

 Our string sets also include rubber dipped metal ends. NO KNOTS to come untied in the middle of your set! We are proud to be the only company offering this configuration.

You need strings that sound great when played acoustic or amplified, strings that wont tear your fingers up if you need to play 3 sets in one night,
strings that stay in tune in hot/cold/humid/dry climates. You need Superior Bassworks Kevlar cored nylon strings for double bass.

Perfect for Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Bluegrass, Country/Western, and much much more! 

The string sizes included in each pack are: .170, .155, .130, .105, .095, .080 (all sizes in inches). If your bass has never had non-steel strings installed, please keep in mind that some modification of the tailpiece string slots, bridge string notches, nut string notches, and tuning machine string holes may be required. This is completely normal, and will not prevent you from switching to other string types in the future. Please measure your bass before ordering. If you are not confident making these adjustments yourself, please consult a professional luthier or more experienced bass player for assistance. These strings are not recommended for school orchestra students.

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AWESOME!!! 5 product stars
"I had a 140 set of Innovation strings on my bass which sounded AMAZING and loud, but I could not get any slap from them due to how the tension was a medium tension and I am a light player and my fingers hurt after playing a while. After lots of searching and YouTube videos, I decided to try these Superior Bassworks Standard strings. The price was definitely great for experimenting. Well, I am truly impressed. The set came with 6 strings which I swapped around until I got the feel I wanted and the sound was great. I lost a little volume compared to the medium tension Innovations but that's to be expected with lighter tension strings. I was immediately able to get my slap in with these strings once tuned up. I really like the tone also, deep, kinda jazzy. I play Country, Bluegrass, and a little Southern Rock and these strings work well with all these styles. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. These are easy to play, easy to slap, and SUPER easy on the fingers. I can play entire show's now without any soreness in my fingers. And the red color looked awesome on my bass, but color is personal preference. Try some Superior Bassworks strings, they are amazing." Kevin Allen - 10/20/2013
THE BEST 5 product stars
"Wonderful. These doublebass strings punctuated the sound of our band of Rockabilly. Our bass player had a better performance and percussive arm stood out even more. I recommend to everyone." XixaBlues - 5/4/2012
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